Who We Are

Based in Wheeling, West Virginia, the Northern Panhandle Amateur Radio Club is a group of individuals from across the Ohio Valley who share an interest in radio communication.

What We Do

Amateur radio is a multifaceted hobby with something for everyone. As such, we take part in many different aspects of the hobby. Below are just a few of the things we participate in.


Each year we provide volunteer communications for several community events in the Wheeling area.

Training and Education

It’s always good to learn new things. Whether its a technical question or how to get on the air for the first time, we are always willing to help.


Being a radio operator doesn’t mean you only ever have to interact with each other through a speaker and microphone. It’s always nice to put a face to the voice. Whether its at our monthly meetings or at a sponsored event, we enjoy the company of people who share in this hobby.

Public Service

Though we hope we are never needed, we stand ready to assist our community in times of need. Whether it be a natural disaster or technical failures of infrastructure, amateur radio has a legacy of being there “when all else fails.” Through partnerships with the Ohio County EMA and surrounding agencies, we will be there if ever they call.

How To Contact Us

If you are already a licensed radio amateur, give a call on a local repeater:
  – 146.760 ( -0.6 offset ) 67Hz CTCSS
  – 443.025 (+5.0 offset) Yaesu System Fusion

Many of the local repeaters are also linked the the WIRES-X WV-LINK room.

If you are not yet licensed, you can drop us an email at ___@___.___

We also have a Facebook page at _______